Mobile Dog Grooming 

Shavedowns because of excessive matting $25-$40 

*We will not de-matt dogs that have excessive matting or matting that we determine is too excessive. In this case, your dog will have to be shaved to get underneath the matts. If your dog needs to be shaved, a release form needs to be signed.

Haircuts for breeds that normally do not receive them (Golden Retriever, Huskies, Bernese Mountain Dog etc.) 

             Medicated Bath-
$10.00        Flea Bath-$10.00              De-Shedding- $10.00 




Standard , Miniture and Toy Poodles with traditional lamb- style cut (clean/shaved face & feet) Please contact for pricing 

Our final competitive prices are set not only to your dog's size, but also according to the dog's breed, disposition, coat condition, type of trim/style you desire and amount of work to achieve the trim. For an inquiry, please call or text us at 203-727-3141 or use the form under "Contact Us".

Prices will be discussed during your inquiry and a final price will be determined upon inspection of your dog. 

Spa treatments are available using safe, natural and professional grade products.

          Product line includes:
*General deep cleaning shampoos and conditioners
*Hypoallergenic shampoo for sensitive dogs (and owners)
*Medicated shampoos for healing dry, flaky or oily skin
*Oatmeal Bath to aid in maintaining moisture in your dog's skin

            Services include:
Trimming Nails
Cleaning Ears
Bath with Shampoo and Conditioner
Deep Cleaning Facial
Cool Blow Dry
Haircut/Trim Up
Finishing Spray



Because no two dogs are alike, it is too difficult

to give a final price here. The following are only starting & minimum  prices based on size. 



Small dogs, up to 15 lbs    start at $75.00
Medium dogs, 16-50 lbs   start a$85.00
Large dogs, 51-80 lbs        start at $95.00
Extra large dogs                  start at $145.00