Since 2009 Clippity Do Dog's mission is to provide beneficial services to enhance a dog's happy life in their homes. Emphasis is on creating a stress-free environment placing your dog's interest above all else. I am committed to an effective topical conditioning program, utilizing the products and techniques that are best for your dog.  

Clippity Do Dog was started through the love and compassion I have for dogs and animals alike, especially knowing the important role pets play for us. I feel truly blessed when I am able to meet and work with many different dogs and experience the love their pet parents have for them firsthand. I have been professionally train and am dedicated to continuing my grooming education through seminars and workshops in grooming styles, industry trends and canine safety. 

Serving Trumbull, Monroe & Easton CT Only  

Grooming is done in your driveway inside a mobile grooming salon. Our clean and sanitary salon is self- sufficient keeping your dog warm and snug in the winter and cool and comfortable in the summer. We need nothing from you but your pup!

*Individual one-on-one attention

*Quiet, calm and relaxing atmosphere without any other dogs

*No use of crates or cage drying

*Eliminates the hassle of transporting your dog

*Easier for geriatric dogs and dogs with physical disabilities who have difficulty being transported